Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Luddite, indeed.

So the evil empire just jacked up our internet service bill again, and now we really can't justify paying $50 a month for a service that wastes our time more than it contributes to our lives. So... we're thinking of cancelling our internet.

*gasp* "No!" you cry. "I cannot LIVE without reading this blog!"

Fear not. Coffee shops with free wireless internet abound in this fair city, and if I know us we'll still be online two or three times a week. But I refuse to pay for it any longer when it wastes so much of my time at home, and we don't really need it. I get the newspaper delivered now, so that's what I can read over breakfast to get the news, and with all the work there is to do around this house (plus a lot of writing I want to get caught up on), I will be glad to be rid of the distraction.

This is a big step for me though, as my biggest weakness is my internet addiction. I anticipate heavy withdrawals soon, ha, but I do think it'll be better for us both in the long run.

And I know I'm going to be very busy soon, as the tomatoes are already sprouting and I have seeds to order and peppers to plant and a fence to build and grass to kill and so much to do outside...! Today I'm running out for a flourescent light for my tomatoes. They sprouted a lot sooner than I thought they would and they're stretching out way too high looking for sunlight, which they aren't getting in our spare room! (But in the spare room, they're also warm and not being trashed by cats, so...)


  1. You damned well better not be a stranger. :O)

  2. "can't justify paying $50 a month for a service that wastes our time more than it contributes to our lives" That is exactly how I feel about my time spent online. I'll be getting rid of mine soon too, but still have internet on my phone :P At least its slow so I hardly use it.

  3. Wow. This is a huge change. I don't know what I think about it. =( Well, maybe it will make me get over my phone phobia and call you more. And perhaps my lessened ability to live vicariously through you on the intranets will make me visit again soon!

  4. You need to think like a geek. Hide a microwave repeater on the roof of the coffee shop and link it to your house. Then get rid of the phone bill by hooking that system to Skype or Magic Jack. :)