Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Potatoes for the Irish!

I just did a big long post about potatoes over at my other blog, Nothing But An Apron. It occurs to me I've never plugged that blog here, so I'll take the opportunity to do that now. I co-write it with a good friend of mine in Australia, the irrepressible Elizabeth Rivera, and we cover the range of home economics over there - mostly cooking, with cleaning, beauty, and other household stuff thrown in.

Today I'm talking 'taties, which have got to be the most underrated vegetable in the plant kingdom and which go with St. Patrick's Day just as well as corned beef and beer. Here at the homestead, we're celebrating the holiday with a couple of friends, and I'll be simmering corned beef in Guinness in my crockpot all day. To go with it, I'm whipping up Fab Frugal Food's Irish soda bread rolls, a sauteed cabbage with caramelized onions, and of course, roasted potatoes.

And because it's a special occasion with company, what the hell, Guinness cake! I made this cake once to take over to a friend's place a few months ago and it was absolutely unholy. If you follow that link to the recipe, she's got it pictured as a loaf cake, but I did mine in my Bundt pan. It makes a beautiful rich black Bundt cake that's almost too pretty to slice into. (Almost.)

Keith, my brawny Irish husband, will be enjoying his favorite holiday with his favorite Guinness, but I prefer (of course, haha) a local Oregon brew: Hazelnut Brown Ale from the Rogue Brewery. It goes beautifully with beef and smoky flavors, with a rich hazelnut flavor and just a slight hint of sweet. It's a bit lighter than the Guinness and less intense for me.

Funny how I never liked beer until I came to Oregon and I still only really go for the Oregon beers.

I have a free hourlong session at the gym with a personal trainer this afternoon, thank G-d. I'm going to need to work off this dinner before I eat it!

UPDATE: Got a picture of the Guinness-ginger cake. Delicious!!

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  1. Sounds nice:) Did Colleen tell you we had green tacos for St. Patty's day dinner?
    Oh, and if you get a chance, check out the REAL history behind ST.Patrick (he was really Tahitian)