Saturday, February 27, 2010

Aaaaaand we're off!

The first seeds are in! I started them on Wednesday - 13 different varieties of tomatoes, with two starts of each one. I still want some Green Zebra tomatoes too (they're my favorite, but I didn't have seeds for them yet), so it looks like we'll have 28 separate tomato plants this year if all of them take. Woohoo! Tomatoes, tomatoes, out the wazoo. It'll be a busy canning season.

But for now these little seeds are waking up indoors, in the guest bedroom with a space heater to keep it nice and warm in there. They're still a little ways from going outside, but it feels good to get the planting started finally!

It's definitely spring out there, and Portland's cherry trees are blooming beautifully. Some of them, anyway - not ours, and not our next-door neighbor's, but we do at least have little buds forming on ours. I'll get a picture when it finally blooms; it'll be nice for our baby cherry tree to resemble something besides a Charlie Brown bare-stick tree.

This week we're planning to build a little fence across the front yard and move the roses in front of it. I have a landscape plan and my seed catalogs, so once I get the seeds ordered and started we can get moving on the yard... eliminating the grass completely and replacing it with edibles and flowers! I can't wait!

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