Friday, April 9, 2010

Productivity, or at least the attempt.

Got the day to myself, as Keith is working a long day today, and it looks like a nice one. I've got the fire going - it was freezing this morning and I have to admit the house is a lot more comfortable since I managed to get the fire lit, and even though I don't really need it here in the middle of the day, I'd rather keep it going and stay warm than bundle up and have to light it again later.

So I'm trying to be productive today, get a little writing done and a bit of planning for my upcoming (hopefully) food cart, might break out the sewing machine and make curtains for the bedroom, thinking of trying out a gluten-free cornbread recipe to see if it works, and I'm feeling thoughtful which always means it's time to make risotto. I've got some shiitake mushrooms to use up and they'll go nicely in risotto with a bit of sage. I doubt Keith will be home for dinner so that means I have my little risotto feast by myself (I'm serving it with kale raab and radishes on the side, mmm) and then we'll have risotto cakes for breakfast in the morning. (Which will save us from spending $5 apiece on those incredible tamales they have at the farmers' market on Saturdays.)

Lana's fertile eggs are due to hatch this weekend, and she's looking a bit more alert than usual, so she might be feeling some movement under there. I can't see anything happening though, and she's not budging, so I don't really have any news to report just yet. There ought to be some baby chicks this weekend though and I will certainly post pictures as soon as I have them!

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