Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cakes, Pie, and a Mess O'Greens

Last night's shiitake mushroom risotto was superb - nice and creamy, and it went so beautifully with purple kale raab. But it was even better this morning. I beat two eggs and mixed them into the leftover risotto, then made them into patties and cooked them up in a little olive oil. They were SO GOOD! I've had fried risotto cakes before but never made them, and I'd put these up against anyone else's.

We had them for breakfast with some sliced radishes, then went to the farmers' market for a lovely morning. I loaded up on greens of every kind - some huge turnips with turnip greens, mustard greens, turnip raab, red chard, green onions, slim tender asparagus (the first of the year! Woohoo!)... a few other things too, but it was all green. It's spring, after all. Bright colors and fruits come later.

Dinner tonight looks like wild Chinook salmon, along with the asparagus we got today and the rest of the risotto cakes. I did get some rhubarb today too, actually, and I want to experiment with gluten-free pie crust, so I might entertain this idea I'm having for ginger-rhubarb pie sweetened with honey instead of sugar. But that might have to wait until tomorrow.

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