Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby Chicks, Settling In!

Yes, yes, I'll return to cooking and gardening soon. But for right now, here's more on BABY CHICKS!

Hatching is done, and it's official, we have seven chicks out of the nine eggs. Well done, Mama Hen! They're all adorable, and right now they're running around getting settled into the bigger, more secure apartment we made them in the garage. I moved them a little while ago and I don't know if Lana will ever forgive me. She FLIPPED.

I moved Lana first, then the chicks, who immediately fanned out all over the new apartment while Lana tried to make a new nest in a hurry so she could get them back under her wings. She clucked and scolded them as she worked, and probably had a few unprintable words for me if any such words exist in Chickenese. You be the judge:

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