Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Lana's fertilized eggs were a day or two late hatching, and we were about to give up on them. We were just discussing yesterday whether to get her another batch of fertile eggs, or try to break her out of her brooding altogether. We decided to give it another day or two.

So I got up this morning and went to check on Lana, and she was even more defensive than usual. I endured some sharp pecking to lift her up slightly and check on the eggs...

...and there were two little black and white faces looking up at me!

I ran inside to get Keith, who joined me in the garage. We didn't lift Lana again, so I'm not sure how many babies are under there. However, we did listen closely and heard some chipping/cracking sounds, so there are still more chicks hatching. And we definitely have at least two.

Sometime tomorrow we'll move them to a roomier space (still in the garage, but with a bit more room for the chicks to move around and explore). Hopefully then I can get some pictures. But the eggs are indeed hatching and we have baby chicks today!

UPDATE: One little chick came out to explore and I managed to get this one picture. There were others, peeping like crazy and occasionally sneaking a look out from under Lana's wings, but this is the only one brave enough to come out for a real look. And this one is definitely the Australorp we wanted. I really hope it isn't a little rooster! But either way, isn't it cute?