Sunday, January 3, 2010

Brunch and a Movie

My favorite part of roasted veggies for dinner comes the next morning, when I get to make roasted veggie frittata for breakfast. Yesterday I put together a nice little brunch with it! It was super-easy, I just went out to the yard and picked some rosemary and then sauteed it with a little butter and olive oil and all the leftover roasted veggies and garlic. Beat up some backyard eggs with a splash of milk and s&p, poured that over, crumbled smoked bleu cheese over it, and baked it up.

To go on the side I made a little salad with baby spinach, chopped hazelnuts, dried cranberries, a cubed persimmon, and a little more smoked bleu cheese. I whipped up a sweet honey-balsamic dressing to drizzle over it, and I really liked the way the sweet dressing went with the tart cranberries and persimmon. I have a thing for breakfast salad anyway - seriously, I love having salad for breakfast, it's my favorite - and this was a particularly breakfasty one.

I finally saw Julie & Julia yesterday. Finally! We took Elizabeth to the Laurelhurst Theater & Brewpub, where all the shows are $3 and an additional few bucks will get you some serious handmade pizza and a pint of beer. It's about time I saw Julie & Julia, but I was putting it off for awhile because I'm just really not a Nora Ephron fan. I have nothing against her personally, but I can't stand most chick-flicks; however, I had a hunch this one would be worth a look and it REALLY was. Way too close to home, on so many levels, but a good movie! Meryl Streep is incredible - no one else could've pulled that off.

We were up early to drop Elizabeth off at the airport, and now I'm up and blogging but I may go back to bed. I have to start a major overhaul of a screenplay later today, and come up with an article on organic housecleaning, and go to the Urban Farm Store for chicken and cat supplies. But first... maybe just a little nap...


  1. I'm so glad you liked "Julie & Julia"! I'm ALSO not typically a chick flick person, but this is really cut from a different cloth. If Meryl Streep doesn't get the Oscar, I will be flabbergasted. The parts with Julie Powell were okay, I didn't mind them, but I could have easily watched an entire movie of JUST Julia and Paul (Stanley Tucci was wonderful, too).

    MAN. I wish I weren't starting this New Year's fitness bonanza. Now I want to bake a Reine de Saba.

    *steels nerves*

  2. Agreed on all fronts! I always loved Julia Child, but I've never made any of her recipes. I'm not big on French food - too heavy on cream sauces and pork, neither of which I get into. But now I want to try her beef bourguignon!

  3. Best frittata ever.

  4. It's a good thing that frittata tastes good since it's a meal we can eat solely from our gardens. Last week I ate a potatoe, kale, carmelized onions, garlic frittata. Only had to use store-bough s&p and butter!