Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I am a leetle fishy.

Keith has always spoken wistfully of lap-swimming, but we've never had a pool and our gym in L.A. didn't have one either. We finally joined a gym with a heated indoor pool; I went along with the lap-swimming to see if I liked it, and I LOVED it! So now we go to the gym, get the cardio out of the way and then do a bit of weight machines, and then we jump into the pool for an hour or so.

I can feel it toning muscles already and I really enjoy it. And I'm not all sweaty and overheated afterwards. It's a salt-water pool, so I'm not being dried out with chlorine, and there's a hot tub to soak in afterward.

Hopefully we can get ourselves back in shape soon and have a good time doing it! We only intend to keep the gym membership until summer, and by then we'll be doing the bicycling and outdoor thing. But until then... swimming!

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  1. What pool did you find? We are going to go check out the Cascade Athletic Club, I hear they have a salt water pool. Hopefully membership is not too expensive...