Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Foreign Invasion

My house is being overrun with Australians this weekend.

A couple of friends and former classmates from when I went to grad school down under both worked on a film that premiered this week at Sundance. One is flying in tonight, and the other in a couple of days. We're almost done cleaning the house (haha) and we're looking forward to a weekend of good food and mingling accents.

I made mozzarella cheese from the last of our first batch of raw milk this morning. The milk is fresh for exactly a week and then it's just not good to drink anymore - it's still safe, but it doesn't have that nice sweet flavor. So I made mozzarella with it and it's delicious, and I have more whey left over for cooking with. I've gotten addicted to cooking with whey! It's so much better than water in so many things.

Mozzarella cheese is fun to make - a bit more involved than ricotta, but still pretty simple. I got to stretch and knead it for awhile, which was fun in a very kindergarten way!

Not sure yet what kind of trouble we'll go looking for this weekend, but I'm pretty sure good times lie ahead. Will keep you posted.

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