Thursday, October 29, 2009

Autumn in Multnomah County

The last little trip my car gave us took place almost two weeks ago, when we drove out to the Columbia River Gorge, less than an hour from Portland. It's a great place to view fall foliage and we wanted to do some hiking around the rainforest and picnic by one of the waterfalls. Here's some pictures!

This is a blueberry farm by the highway. I love the color that blueberry bushes turn in the autumn! My own little blueberries (while much, much smaller) are the same color. Gorgeous!

This is Latourell Falls, viewed from a slight distance up the trail.

We had our lunch at this little picnic table...

...smoked turkey legs baked in homemade cherry-chipotle BBQ sauce, homemade pickles, homemade seed-nut bread, and dried cinnamon apples, enjoyed with a view of Horsetail Falls.

On the way home we had hot chai lattes here at Multnomah Falls.

And then we dropped by Rooster Rock State Park to watch windsurfers in the Columbia River and see more pretty fall colors.

I get so happy in the autumn! It is hands-down my favorite season.

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