Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So very many apples!

Sunday was a perfect autumn day. The trees are all scarlet and gold, the weather was sunny with a blustery chilly wind, and we went to the farmer's market for greens and winter squashes. After that we made a little trip up to the north end of town; I'd had word through my sources (ahem) that a man was selling apples for pocket change. He scored a good deal on "juice-grade" apples - the ones they won't sell at the store because they've been scratched or bruised, or they're shaped funny - and decided to share some of the wealth. We picked out 60 pounds of apples and paid $15. Yes, I said 60 pounds! So we set aside today for preserving all this appley goodness.

I woke up this morning, warm in my soft bed with the room all cold, snuggled up against Keith with Fry purring on my shoulder, Roxy on Keith's back, and Davey between our feet. A steady autumn rain was drumming against the skylights over the bed, and the fir tree swayed its branches in the wind. We got up and Keith lit the fireplace before he fried up some turkey bacon while I made from-scratch biscuits and gravy. We sliced an apple on the side. Now we're looking forward to a nice long day in the kitchen together.

First I'm going to get a steak chili going in the crockpot for dinner; I know I'll be weary of cooking by then. After that, here's our agenda for the day...

Maple Pumpkin Butter
Hazelnut Pumpkin Butter
Apple Butter
Apple Chutney
Caramel Apple Pie Filling
Apple Jelly
Dried Apples
Pickled Garlic (5 lbs!)
Salsa Verde (if we get to it)

Looks like I better get this purring kitten off my lap and get to work.

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