Monday, November 9, 2009

Hectic, but good.

Blogfail, I know. I'm going to get better about it.

My brother is visiting for a month, so we've been running around Portland and the general surrounds. The house has a leak in the ceiling - happy rainy season! - so we're getting the roofers back out. The car is officially totalled and we need to get another one but haven't gotten the check back from the total loss yet. I'm searching hard for a job. Meanwhile I'm gestating a Little Luddite so I have a tendency to fall asleep much earlier than usual.

Still cooking though! We finally finished the 60 pounds of apples. It's become several jars of applesauce, apple butter, cranberry-apple chutney, dried apples (some with cinnamon), rosemary-apple jelly, clove-apple syrup (aka jelly that failed to set, but I'm going to re-can it with more pectin)... probably a few other things I'm forgetting. The applesauce is a fantastic addition to oatmeal with hazelnuts, see above.

More good news: Lucy has resumed laying eggs! Her molt is over and it's great to see those pretty green eggs again. So now two of our four hens are back to laying, and Doris is showing signs of readiness soon. Lana's still freeloading but I'll give her a bit longer. We're going to celebrate with a frittata this morning.

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