Friday, October 9, 2009


I think I forgot to mention that I planted an asparagus and strawberry patch in the front yard this week. I'm really excited about the asparagus! It's a big project; I won't be able to harvest any until 2011. Takes time for it to establish a good root system. But once it's established, we'll get loads of delicious asparagus all spring, right in the yard! The rest of the summer and fall it just looks pretty - lots of frilly little trees. I planted strawberries all around it because they grow nicely together (the strawberries spread out and cover the ground so weeds don't come up). I may wind up moving the strawberries to a shadier spot later though.

I saw some sunchokes at the co-op yesterday, which means they're coming into season, which means I can go harvest mine finally! I paid $1 for a bunch of them back in the spring, and decided that instead of eating them, I'd plant them and see what happened. They are now huge sunflower-type plants about six feet tall. Pity to dig them up, but it's time for that sweet tuberous flavor!

Today I'm getting ready to clean the house and start cooking. We're having another couple and their baby over for dinner and I'm really excited! I'll post again what I'm making when I have pictures of it.

In other news... really, Nobel Committee? Barack Obama? Sigh. Another legendary award from the people who admired the peace-keeping example set by Yasser Arafat and Henry Kissinger. Does that prize even mean anything at all anymore? I think if I were nominated for it, I'd actually be offended.

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