Friday, July 31, 2009

Word on the Hizzouse

Behold my first home-grown artichoke! I've produced other garden vegetables and they're all lovely in their own right, but I was infatuated with this artichoke on a completely ridiculous level. They grow like weeds on the west coast, especially here in Portland with our wet, rich soil and mild summers (well, except for this past week), and every other garden features those silvery, weapon-like leaves and alien purple blooms. We're trying not to let ours bloom at all, because (as we used to say) them's good eatin'! This particular artichoke met its fate on our charcoal grill, brushed often with a lemony-peppery olive oil baste.

Last night we got the news that the mortgage company approved our loan. And who doesn't crave approval? We celebrated by throwing together a huge veggie feast. Went out to a burlesque show but the place had no air conditioning and the heat wave rages on, so no one else showed up and the dancers were disinclined to perform for an audience of two; after sitting there for almost an hour waiting for the show, we shrugged it off and went home. Oh well.

Supposed to go sign loan papers today, will close on the house on some undetermined day next week. Yes, I'm excited, yes, I'm terrified. I think I'm going to prolong my adolescence for a bit by continuing to refer to it as a hizzouse.

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