Saturday, August 1, 2009

Actually, *No* Word on the Hizzouse.

Sat around all day yesterday waiting to go sign but the bank is screwing around. Apparently our paperwork is all computer-generated and computers did what they do best yesterday and went down. I'm really glad we didn't put in notice at the beginning of the month in anticipation of moving on our first planned closing day, or we'd be homeless right now. As it is, we'll pay yet another month in exorbitant rent and hope for a closing on some day next week or next year.

I'm really annoyed with the place that computers have taken in our society (and yes, I'm typing this on a MacBook). Everything exists to serve the machines. Everyone knows we want the house, the seller wants to sell it to us, and we can afford to pay for it. But it takes six weeks of plugging everything into the machines just so before we can have it. Somehow the computers think it looks better for Keith to buy the house alone than with me, so we take me off the mortgage even though my income contributes to the payments - it makes no sense, but The Machine Says So and we all capitulate. And now that everything's in place, the machine throws a tantrum, so we can't even generate a piece of paper without it. People are completely incapable of doing business without a machine telling them how to do it. It's maddening, absolutely maddening. Common sense and ingenuity have been replaced by algorithms.

So we're going to try to have a nice weekend now that the heat has dropped back down into the double digits. We moved out of the living room and into the rest of the apartment again last night. I'm on my way to eat Chinese food and paint on pottery with a friend. Tomorrow we'll go to the farmer's market for our shopping and also attend a demonstration on how to build a chicken tractor. And on Monday, we'll start the waiting game all over again. Please cross your fingers that the God Of The Machine smiles upon us soon.

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