Friday, July 24, 2009


Aaaaaaand preserve season continues. This week I've put up rosemary jelly and lavender jelly, frozen garden greens, made several batches of honey corn muffins (trying to perfect a recipe by tomorrow), and broken out my new dehydrator (thanks, Dad)! Last night Keith and I put on an excellent movie - Barton Fink, I recommend it - and kicked back to keep busy. I pitted a gallon of huge, succulent dark sweet cherries until my hands dripped like Lady Macbeth's; Keith hulled the last of Pawpaw's pecans. Some of the pecans went into pecan pralines today. The cherries, much as it killed me to do it, went into the dehydrator. It violates everything I stand for, to be standing there with a huge bowl of lovely juicy fresh cherries and alter them this way, but I'm trying to keep my mind focused on how delicious these dried cherries will be once fresh cherry season is over.

In other news, Davey and Roxy enjoyed a little overnight trip to the vet's office and came home with their procreative organs missing. Davey's fine, Roxy's still a bit woozy, but I think they'll be okay. Fry was too tiny to go - be glad you're the runt, my little one - and she seemed to enjoy a fun night of wrestling with our hair and chewing our fingers as we tried to sleep. Now it seems she's very glad to have her brother back home for these games.

No word yet on the house. I guess now we'll hear back on Monday. Set to close one week from today...

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