Thursday, May 27, 2010

Muffin Pie!

Still in L.A. Back in Redondo now, after a week of staying at our friend's place in Silverlake. The show is wrapped, so now we're resting up and getting ready to spend a little time with friends while we figure out what Keith's next move is. In a few days, either I'll hop a train back up to Portland, or we'll drive back up together (hello, Rogue Creamery)!

In the meantime I made a fun discovery the other day that I want to share. I had a day off when we were at our friend's place, and I felt like cooking. I dug around in the kitchen, found a muffin tin and rolling pin, and thought, "Wouldn't it be neat to have individual serving size pot pies in the freezer?" So I made up some buttery flaky pie crust, lined the muffin cups with it, and filled them with a nice little homemade tuna pot pie filling before topping them off with a top crust and baking them up. They were really tasty!

I liked the concept so much I went on to make several more little muffin-pies with tofu-veggie filling in a white wine herb gravy. Keith and I ate a couple of them, and were pleased to discover that they go straight from freezer to microwave and are hot and delicious after four minutes. We don't usually microwave food as we don't have a microwave ourselves, but homemade convenience food is always a plus!

Each little muffin pie is exactly the size to make a good little dinner with a salad or a cup of soup. And they look so cute! I was thinking these would be awesome for kids' lunch boxes (they're tasty at room temperature, too, just heat and then wrap 'em up) or even taking on a hike. They'll definitely be good to bring on the train. I can't wait to make some more little muffin pot pies!

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