Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Still in LA-LA-Land.

Just an update since I've been working ridiculous hours and haven't posted in awhile. We're still in L.A., working hard, enjoying the work and definitely enjoying the job - this is the friendliest crew and the most mannerly group of actors I've worked with in a long while. The weather is hot and sunny after a few days of clouds and what Los Angeles considers rain.

I hear my baby chicks are not so much baby chicks anymore, and I hear Lana is back to laying eggs already! Our friends who are taking care of the cats and chooks collected two Lana eggs yesterday - I am so impressed! I thought she'd wait until the babies were grown. But nope, only a month into motherhood and she's back to work. What a trooper.

Our friends said they'd take pictures of the chicks so I could see how big they're getting. Apparently I guessed right, we have a frizzle! How fun to have a frizzle hen with wild curly messy feathers. Still not sure whether the Australorp is a boy or a girl, but I guess we'll see when we get back. By then they should be full-on chickens (if small ones) and Lana will start rejecting them, pecking and squawking for them to move out, get a job.

When I see pics, I'll share them here. But I sure am missing my little farm today! I can't wait to get back and do my summer planting finally!

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