Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time marches on...

Still no house. The escrow people couldn't be bothered to do their jobs, so even though today was The Be-All End-All and we were finally done filing extensions (how many was it? Four? Five?), we were all set and ready to rock and roll at 5 pm, we got the champagne chilled and the tree ready to plant...

"Not today. Maybe tomorrow."

Desk, meet head. Head, desk.

We might not need a subletter through September after all. I guess we'll see if it goes through tomorrow, or next week, or next month. At least the utilities are all on and set up now.

This comes after the discovery that we apparently have no choice but to contract with this awful trash pickup company, who has a monopoly on our neighborhood even though the City of Portland's website says that trash pickup operates on a "free-market system" and they encourage us to "get multiple quotes." Of course the rates are about what you'd expect from a monopoly.

Just a lot of argh around our apartment this evening. I really thought I'd go to bed a homeowner tonight. I said so when I woke up, when I really should've known better (this delay is totally par for the course in this transaction; it's always something) - yeah, I jinxed it. Sorry.

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