Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life in the House, Day One.

Yesterday (ten days after we closed) was the big moving day. Three big dudes came first thing in the morning to schlep all our furniture and heavy boxes of books down all the stairs at the apartment complex. We ran carloads back and forth, re-using boxes over and over, and finally brought over the cats. Around 8 pm we popped some Prosecco, hung the mezuzah, and kicked back in our jammies in our house.

As is typical for me in a new place, I woke up well before dawn this morning. Brewed some fresh-ground coffee and watched the sun come up through the big bay window. Once it was light I let the chickens out into their run - they were already awake and eager to graze - and then whipped up mote pillo for breakfast with some of their eggs. This is a Central American breakfast dish I've gotten addicted to; I saute some garlic and whatever allium I have on hand (today it was a purple shallot) in a little butter and olive oil, then stir in some hominy, then some milk, smoked salt, nutritional yeast, and chili powder, and finally the beaten eggs and scramble it all up. Grate a little cheese over it and chow down. Usually the eggs are more of a binder than a contributing flavor, but our little backyard eggs really held their own against the other flavors!

Today we have to finish moving, and I think it's only two carloads more, maybe three. Then we have to clean the apartment so we can sublet it, and visit our poor neglected garden, which is probably in a really shameful state by now. After that, I imagine we'll be unpacking for a couple of days and settling in. Keith's off to L.A. next week for a quick job... so basically we're getting back to life. It's good to be back.

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