Saturday, August 8, 2009

We have a homestead.

We closed on Friday and planted our cherry tree in the yard to celebrate. The chicken coop is about half-built, and today we planned out our decor and bought over 17 gallons of paint. Tomorrow we start painting before we move everything in during the week. We're going to try to get settled by Friday.

I'm excited about the paint, though less than thrilled about the first part: painting the ceilings. This jerk painted all the ceilings institutional-mint-green (like hospital walls) so we had to get several gallons of "ceiling white" to paint them. And OF COURSE they are textured ceilings, just to make them more difficult to paint. (They're not popcorn, they're like stucco.)

But when we finish that, we have COLOR - loads and loads of it. I'm very excited. There are two rooms we're not painting yet, and we're leaving the trim for now (ugh), but we have plum and red and blue and almond and suede and white...

The chicken coop will be white with a rose stencil on it.

More information later. We're a bit busy for the time being.

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