Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yard Food

I got back from my trip late Wednesday night. Thursday I woke up hungry and went looking for something to eat. The pantry was full of staples - flours, barley, spices, etc. - but there wasn't much for a quick bite.

So I went out to the yard.

I gathered up several eggs, picked a bunch of greens, discovered that OH HAPPY DAY a few tomatoes are finally ripening, and I collected a few pounds of white pattypan squashes. Once I had it all inside, I decided to save the squashes, since I found a few slices of wholegrain bread.

Behold my Backyard Sammy: Eggs scrambled with hot sauce and Dijon mustard, on toasted wholegrain bread, with fresh-picked tomato, arugula, and two kinds of sorrel. I can't even tell you how delicious it was. And I didn't have to go far to the store.

That's the most satisfying thing about yard food. It's always there, cheaper and far more tasty than you could get if you schlepped it through the checkout lane. And it's always seasoned with that savory satisfaction that comes from self-sustainability.

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  1. I do that with my garden and garage! I called it 'faux shopping'... because it's like, 'Oh what does the garden have in stock today!? Oh yes, I'll have that one and, oh, that one looks fabulous... and oh wow I didn't know strawberries were in season! I'll grab 3 for the top of my cake." and in my garage is where I store the whole cows/frozen things/grains/jars of jams I make and the like... so I get to go through the freezer and be like, "Oh there's Tbones! I should take this and put it in my main freezer for a meal later this week!"

    I feel like I've gone grocery shopping but I've spent nothing and I feel satisified!