Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick Pics

Just a picture-post to facilitate the catchup.

First, last night I made a grassfed pot roast for dinner, for no apparent reason other than the fact that they had the beef at the farmers' market and roast was (obviously) the cheapest cut. I simmered the roast in the crock pot all day. To go with it, I smashed some purple and red new potatoes with parsley and paprika, and made a salad of speckled lettuce, snow peas, and fried squash flowers. Mighty tasty. I didn't get a picture of it because my friend and I devoured it while watching Chungking Express.

Pineapple would've been the perfect dessert to go with that movie, but alas I was out of fruit (I'm always out of fruit because I eat it all the day I buy it). So I took an empty pint basket and jogged across the street, where an abandoned house sits behind a chainlink fence that supports a massive blackberry bush. The blackberries there are still slightly underripe and tart, just the way I like them best! So I filled my little pint basket for free, listening to the music from my own windows in my bare feet, and trotted back home to wash and dry my dessert.

I've also gotten some tasty bounty from my own yard. Out of my five blueberry bushes, three are an early-season variety and two are a late-season variety. So those two are still covered in little green blueberries, but the other three have been producing extremely well for their small size and young age. Let me tell you, if you've never had blueberries freshly picked and still warm from the sun, you've never had blueberries, period!

And a final picture that I got the other day, when I caught Lana and Lucy working on my breakfast. Keep up the good work, ladies!

Speaking of chickens, the seven chicks were 14 weeks old yesterday. I'm calling tomorrow about renting processing equipment, and it looks like that date they have with the sharp knife is fast approaching. Stay tuned!


  1. Just so you know, I want pictures of every stage of the chicken processing (even if it's gory). Not just 'cause I love gore, but because I am genuinely curious esp after seeing the "humane" processing in Food Inc. (In quotes not because it isn't humane, but because the latent vegetarian in me knows the most humane thing would be to not kill the things.) Oh, and please do save some of your chicken for me when I come in August! I'd eat your chicks. (See all that diametrically opposed info there? Yeah, that's me.)

  2. Oh, there'll be a graphic blog post, I'm sure! And I know what you mean. I was a hardcore vegetarian and PETA activist for 12 years and my current lifestyle sprouts from the same set of ethics. It's a complex system, taking life to sustain life, but we all do it on some level whether we own up to it or not (even veganism isn't a completely harmless way to live). If I'm going to continue eating meat, then I owe it to myself and the world to take a full and active part in the entire process at least once.