Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Prep day...

Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday - I absolutely love it! I'd looked forward to doing a huge Thanksgiving dinner in our new house to celebrate this year, but here we are in L.A. instead. Oh well. So father-in-law is brining an organic turkey breast today, and I just made a big batch of cornbread to sit out and dry all night. Tomorrow I'll mix it up with portobello mushrooms and butter and everything else, including some fresh sage from the garden, and get my dressing on! (Or stuffing, as these West Coast types prefer to call it.)

I had a moment of panic when I realized I hadn't brought my cornbread recipe with me and I thought I was going to have to settle for an inferior recipe or make another one up. But then I remembered I posted my recipe on this very same blog not too long ago, so I found it and saved the day.

I'm also making a bleu cheesecake out of Rogue Creamery bleu cheese. I'm very excited about that. I wanted to put hazelnuts in it but we have a nut allergy among us so that'll have to wait for next time. And of course, I'll be making the rummy sweet potatoes in the morning. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without them!

Unfortunately we have a lot of packaged foods coming up on our table tomorrow, which is not by my design but it isn't my house. I'll make up for it this year with a good Luddite feast for Xmas/Chanukah/Solstice.

I have to say it feels WEIRD to be back in this climate, in my short sleeves and skirt, with the windows and screen door open and the sunny warm flowers breezing in. I'm sure Portland is freezing, dark, and very wet right now. I'll still be glad to get back.

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