Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I got that picture of Patch when I was hiking on Sauvie Island with Peta recently. We did a seven-mile hike through the woods and along the beach; I think the beach was Patch's favorite part, as he tore through the sand and ran like I've never seen him run. He splashed around in the river and had a terrific time. He was a bit more subdued in the woods, though he did find lots of interesting smells, and we all enjoyed the walk.

The hike ended at a tiny curved beach with a lighthouse on it. We sat there for awhile and ate peanuts and threw sticks for Patch to chase. Then, behind the lighthouse, we found this:

It must've been where the lighthouse guy lived, when there was one. Charred wood still surrounds it. There was a big flagpole hidden in the woods between the house and the river, and the whole area was overgrown with blackberry brambles. In the summer I'm coming back with a bucket to get as many of those blackberries as I can!

Closer to home and the present, it's looking like spring here. We might get a bit more winter - it's raining again today - but look what I found in my yard! It's the first crocus, starting to come through!

I planted the bulbs back in October and they're all putting out shoots now. I planted irises too, and look at this fancy spotted iris that's starting to peek out through the mud!

I also have garlic shoots coming up absolutely everywhere. I planted a ridiculous amount of garlic. Soon I'll be cutting and eating those tasty garlic shoots, and at the end of the summer I'll have the bulbs themselves. Yum!

The roses are putting out leaves all over the place, and the rhododendrons are covered with little buds. Even if it is still raining, spring is definitely here now.

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