Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Pet?

Whew. I took some time off blogging while I did several weeks of movie work, which is now winding down. And a good thing, because clearly my little farm needs more attention...

Roommate Anne went to collect eggs today and instead she found a bizarre little hatchling. This poor guy showed up yesterday, apparently motherless and alone. Keith and the hens chased him away together.

Last night I took extra care to make sure I didn't lock him in with the hens - an opossum will kill a chicken, though I think the opossum needs to be a bit bigger to do that. He wasn't in the henhouse then and he wasn't there when Keith let the hens out this morning. But I guess our henhouse was an irresistible spot to hide out for the day... at least, until our hens beat him up and chased him away.

Poor little orphaned opossum. He just wants a safe place to sleep. And maybe a fresh egg to eat.

I hope he doesn't come back. I might have to adopt him. Wonder what the cats would think?


  1. I love the blog! I have to ask as a matter of principal - have you ever heard of Tom Waits? The man and his music are greatly underappreciated, but I find that the people who tend to come across as you do often know who he his.

    Can't wait to read more, so keep on postin'!

  2. Oh, most definitely! I'm a big fan, saw him live a few years ago too. He's a genius!

  3. Loving your blog title and tag line. Trying to get back to simple myself (along with my wife). Slowly but surely. Hope you keep posting.